This is the headline to a report published by the American Dental Association. This report showed that the long-term decline in visits by American adults to the dentist continues into 2017.

As you can imagine, there are many theories why the community stays away from the waiting room. Dentistry is too expensive. Dentistry is painful. The American middle class is in decline. Employers and employees are strapped to pay for medical care so they ignore dental care. Retirees have no dental benefits…

All of these theories surely contribute to a difficult time in dental care.

So let me posit one observation from our emerging social media campaign in Toronto and Hamilton. Your community really does want oral healthcare services. But just a different kind of service.

There is lots of pent-up demand for affordable and effective prevention among women past mid life. They are skeptical if not cynical about surgical and cosmetic dental services but pay lots of attention to ads and posts about getting their oral health better. For example, the ad shown below has been extraordinarily attractive for many days on Facebook.

Some of the readers of this blog will say there is no business model for prevention.  The Facebook readers would disagree.

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