Deloitte’s health care group has published its views on where healthcare is going. Have a read:

The convergence of powerful trends—new technologies, the demand for value, a growing health economy, and the government as an influencer—is transforming the traditional US health care market. While this convergence is creating substantial challenges for health care stakeholders, it is also creating opportunities for innovation in four major areas:

Everywhere Care: Shifting the spectrum of care from hospitals to lower-cost sites

Wellness & Preventive Care: Shifting disease management from reactive to preventive

Personalized Care: Shifting offerings from mass generalization to mass customization and precision

Aging, Chronic, & End-of-Life Care: Shifting the focus from institution-based aging to community-supported aging, and leveraging big data and personalization to manage chronic conditions.

Where does dental care fit in these trends? Front and center, if it delivers more affordable preventive care to those most in need (the high risk kids and adults). Dental care’s opportunities are immense. Consider this: 1 in 4 adults need dental care but are now avoiding it. It is too expensive. 

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