Two new studies show that a regular smoke and a coke put you at high risk of dental decay.

The more you smoke the more caries over a 4 year period of observation of Finnish adults.

The more you drink sugar-sweetened beverages, the more your decay experience over a similar period for Finnish adults.

This comes as little surprise. Health-risk behaviour is highly influential on adult dental decay.

But what are the chances of getting these patients to change these habits?  Futile, right?

From our surveys of adults sitting in the waiting rooms of many dental practices, about 1 in 3 have lots of ongoing decay. Some of these high risk patients have a smoke and a coke sufficiently frequently to get cavities.

For these patients, rather than fighting with their daily habits,  manage their infections on the teeth with Prevora.

Our controlled studies show that these types of patients will comply to a painless series of short visits to get on top of their decay problems.


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