A new Chinese study shows that aggressive management of moderate to severe chronic periodontitis (CP) lowers blood pressure for at least 6 months.

This finding is very important to public health, but is it for the dental industry?

At first blush it is another good reason to visit the dentist or the hygienist.

On second thought, however, it is just not that simple.

Going for this kind of treatment by the hygienist is far more expensive (and painful) than going to the doctor. And many of those who have high blood pressure, don’t have a dentist or a dental plan.  Many have no idea what scaling and root planing involves, and if and when they learn about the details, they go to their doctor.

So these reports connecting oral health to overall health (and vice versa) are both encouraging and discouraging.

Hypertension is the most prevalent of all chronic diseases. Periodontal disease and caries are #2. Perhaps it is no surprise that they are interconnected. But new, far more affordable dental service delivery methods are needed to connect these diseases in the real world.

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