How to Prevent Decay

BrushApplication_retouchedNew scientific advances in dentistry allow your dental team to prevent dental decay like never before. Now, we know who is most likely to get dental decay, and for those at high risk, we can treat the chronic bacterial infections on their teeth.

To treat these infections, our hygienists quickly and painlessly apply an antibacterial coating to the teeth, in a series of short appointments.

This new antibacterial coating has been approved by Health Canada, the government agency responsible for ensuring that all drugs in the country are safe and effective. This new coating is invisible and very safe. It releases an antiseptic over time, to protect your teeth from damaging bacteria. The protection it gives last for long periods – far longer than normal cleaning or brushing.

Partners in Prevention offer this coating as the most proven and affordable route to better oral health.

How effective is this treatment?

In controlled clinical studies, this coating reduced decay by up to 70%...