Over the past 5 years, CHX has been working with a leading dental hygienist who has her own practice.

Our collective journey has been about Prevora — most particularly what the long-term benefits might be for the patient, whether the patient will stay on the Prevora treatment plan, whether the practice will benefit financially from getting its patients to better oral health.

Together, we have just done a 5 year review and here are the high points:

  • The patients number 45, have an average age of about 70, all have other chronic diseases and most certainly have had their dental problems over time. Half of their teeth are filled.
  • None of these patients, despite their wretched history of dental decay, have had any cavities since starting with Prevora.
  • Those with sore or bleeding gums before Prevora, now have healthy, pink soft tissue.
  • All are very compliant, many have been willing to provide testimonials. Some are even appearing on the Facebook advertising campaign run for this practice.
  • Other patients attending this practice are now connecting the dots — can you do my Mom and Dad they are asking.

Now if this were your practice …



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