Crazy eh! Digitizing diagnosis and treatment in medical care is racing along. Have a quick read of this summary of where we are and where we are going.

And then think of the slowly progressing, chronic diseases in oral health, and how we are currently organized to manage them. Certainly not digital, certainly not patient friendly, certainly in some cases, ineffective.

So if medicine is digitizing to reach more patients in a more timely and more cost-effective manner, what’s possible in oral health, particularly for the digital-demanding Millennials who are largely avoiding dental services?

I think the real digital dental opportunity is to sending a new message to the right person at the right time. Social media has replaced the sign on the door saying “new patients welcome”. Social media enables a meaningful conversation with special interest groups, such as diabetics and those with arthritis or Parkinson’s. Social media facilitates new understandings about the cause of poor oral health.

In this new digital era, Millennials and Boomers and others learn more quickly at their pace and given their interests.

One truism, is that these groups don’t normally “click” about dental services. They are not wanting a dentist in their pocket (the smart phone).

Unless that pocket dental service can help them avoid surgery and major expense.

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