We are running a Facebook campaign in one of the oldest neighbourhoods in Canada — Central Etobicoke in the west end of Toronto. Lots of seniors living in their bungalows, meeting at Tim’s for a chat, and generally avoiding the dentist.

We’re advertising preventive dentistry. From the growing shares and likes, our campaign is well received. But I must say this can be a skeptical bunch when it comes to oral health.

“Just get’em pulled” is a common a response to Prevora’s advertising.

Really? And go for dentures?

A new study shows where that road takes you. Poor diet, poor overall health, and discomfort.  Those with dentures and those with fewer teeth were 32 per cent more likely to be frail and 20 per cent more likely to be nutritionally deficient.

And as my sister-in-law found out, dentures aren’t cheap either. Indeed, they are much more expensive than Prevora.

So what’s behind the “just get’em pulled” orneriness? A bit of fatalism perhaps, a fear of more crowns and implants, an un-thinking-ness? The same syndrome which makes old folks avoid the doctor?

The options for keeping your teeth in old age have improved dramatically. Many Prevora patients are well into their senior years and have had no decay and pinker healthy gums for years.

The challenge is turning natural orneriness into a positive outlook where folks feel they are still in control of their oral health.

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