Diabetic (Type 2) adults have twice the level of dental decay and three times the level of periodontal disease than healthy peers.

The prevalence of both chronic diseases grows with age. Canadian seniors have a 1 in 4 chance of Type 2 diabetes and a 2 in 3 chance of moderate to severe periodontal disease.

So how does the dental industry serve this rapidly growing need in an aging community?

Not well, it turns out.

A new American study reports that diabetics visit the dentist less frequently than healthy peers.  And when they do, periodontal care is rarely delivered.


The cost of dental care, and cost of diabetes care. There is only so much money older folks can pay for healthcare services.

And perhaps there is another factor. The discomfort of deep scaling by the hygienist. Many dentists and hygienist claim this procedure is pain fee. But ask the patient after cupping your ears.

All this to say that the healthcare system, and the taxpayer, are the losers in this inability to improve the oral health of Type 2 diabetics. Studies by American insurers all say there are great savings from doing so.

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