One in 4 American adults have multiple chronic conditions (MCC), and this rate is rising.

MCC is likely the biggest factor in oral health in adult America. Multiple medication use gives rise to dry mouth and root caries, and diabetes combined with other chronic disorders is strongly implicated in chronic periodontal disease.

So restoring a decayed root surface, and repetitive scaling and root planing, are often inadequate for the MCC patient.

How does dental care manage recurrent needs arising from MCC, while keeping its services affordable?

Because if it can, then the wave of retiring Boomers will keep visiting the dentist. If it can’t, then it is a scramble for the dental practice and for the community.

Over the past 10 years, we have been observing patients with MCC on the Prevora treatment plan. The upshot?  Patients get dentally fit and stay fit, and patients remain loyal.

A good response to MCC.

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