In a provocative column in Oral Health, Dr. Brian Chapnick rails that the Ontario Dental Association fee guide has not kept up with the cost of running a practice. Raise the prices says Dr. Chapnick.

Aside from the fact that the ODA fee guide is just that, and that Dr. Chapnick is free to raise his prices at any time, what about the prices for dental services in Canada? Are they too low?

Go ask a patient or an employer and maybe even the hygienist, and what will you hear? Dental prices are outrageously high and have choked the use of dental services.

So both the supply and demand sides of the dental market feel poor and hard done by.

How do we get past these negatives swirling around dentistry today?

Well, price is not the only factor behind the purchasing decision. Others include:

  • Risk:  If you feel the service may not deliver, you will hesitate to buy.
  • Emotion: If there is pain or discomfort involved, you move on.
  • Convenience: The service needs to fit between work and home, and not take too long.
  • Context: If you have a history of needing this service, you’ll buy.

For years, we have observed why patients go on the Prevora treatment plan. Price is not the primary consideration; indeed, our research shows that the higher the price for Prevora, the higher the acceptance rate. The real reasons are cited above and are encapsulated in the following testimonial which the patient wanted to give.

Perhaps Dr. Chapnick needs to go beyond the ODA fee guide in his next column.

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