Inflammation and infection at the root of a tooth is common. More than half of adults age 60+ have this condition, which commonly stems from bacteria decaying the tooth. It is treated with antibiotics or a root canal or extraction.

Root canal?  Run away, run away. One of the most feared (and expensive) procedures in healthcare.

But wait. A new study comparing the dental charts and medical charts of adults in New York found that a patient with this type of infection and inflammation is 5 times more likely to have cardiovascular disease, vs. a healthy peer.

So, when the dentist says you need a root canal, think about your heart. And then think about managing the bacteria in your plaque which started this whole mess.  Your dental plaque has been imbalanced, likely for years, and now you need to restore it to being symbiotic with your body. That is just what Prevora does.

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