A wonderful series of pictures of dental plaque has been published in the UK’s Daily Telegraph. Two pictures are excerpted below.

They show the infectious nature of dental disease. Both caries and periodontal disease are biological in origin and in progression.

That is why we encourage brushing and flossing but also why we need to manage these infections in high risk patients with both mechanical and pharmaceutical means.

Studies show that patients who brush and floss regularly have 40% to 60% of their tooth surfaces covered in biofilm. And when you have diabetes, a dry mouth, rheumatic diseases, hypertension, the odds of not only more residual biofilm, but also pathogenic biofilm rise significantly.

Seeing is believing. If your patients want or need to understand the nature of dental diseases, these pictures should help. And if your patients want motivation to pursue more preventive care with Prevora, show them the “dirty” tooth brush. Prevora will reduce that infection on the bristles for a long period of time.

Telegraph plaque on a tooth brush

Biofilm on the bristle of a tooth brush

Telegraph gingival plaque

Biofilm at the gingival margin

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