Should a 76 year old who doesn’t have heart disease but who does have certain risk factors for it, take a statin to ward off the chances of a heart attack or stroke?

This is a big ponder in medicine these days. Have a read of the debate.

So let’s turn the debate to an even more common condition in oral health. Should a 76 year old who doesn’t yet have root caries but has extensive gum recession, is undergoing scaling and root planing, and has a dry mouth, be put on the Prevora treatment plan?

Some dental professionals say not until the patient actually has root caries.

Others say why wait until this inoperable condition actually happens.

But the real decision maker is the patient, no?

From years of patient surveys in both Canada and Europe, the patient wants to be informed of their prospects for oral health. And when informed about the chances of root caries, the majority choose not to wait, but rather to prevent.

Lastly, at that stage of the patient consultation, most commonly the price of prevention is not a factor. Indeed, the higher the price of the prevention plan, the more the willingness to pay.


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