You got to be kidding, right!? Going to the dentist is thrilling?

Perhaps it needs to be.

Some marketers which focus on the aging Boomers argue that this group needs to be thrilled to get them to use a service. The thrill can come from many angles: saving money, getting ahead of the curve, protecting good health, avoiding pain, giving back¬† …

Which brings me to the narrative used by dentistry in a rapidly aging community. Cosmetics — look good, smile better, you are young again, be thrilled.

This seems like the Mercedes approach to target marketing. And Mercedes might have a 2% market share in new car purchases among those age 50+. (Our market research finds that only 7% of adult patients twig to cosmetic services.)

Boomers are buying many other cars for many other reasons. For example, I just bought a plug-in hybrid, and I am thrilled but for much different reasons than what Mercedes can ever offer.

The Boomers have the money in this economy.¬† Let’s thrill them by offering far more than cosmetics.


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