Recently, I began to shop for a new car — a hybrid which helps me avoid the gas pump.

I visited 2 car dealers in my home town. First the Toyota dealer who is selling the Prius Prime like hot cakes.

Then I went across the street to the Honda dealer. Nope, said the salesman, no one in this town would buy a hybrid. “We know what our customers want” said he.

So, somewhat confused, I called the Honda dealer in another town. “Sure” said the salesman to my inquiry about a hybrid. Honda’s hybrid beats the Prius Prime, he claimed.

So what gives here?

Seems like the first Honda dealer may be protecting his sales department, rather than meeting the customer’s changing needs and wants. (A hybrid needs an oil change once a year, and the brakes last far longer than in a gas guzzler).

Why mention this story?

Just like changing wants in the auto industry, the aging dental patient is also clearly wanting change. Many are avoiding the dentist just like I want to avoid the gas pump.

Some dental practices listen to their customers and look at the thin appointment books, and then offer new services.

Like the dealer offering hybrid cars, these practices are the establishing new connections to the new customer. These are the ones which will grow.

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